I Had my Rino 2 Years Ago. I've Notice That my Nose is Curved. Is my Nose Still Healing or Should I Go See my Doctor?

Someone told me that it's just still in the healing process. Is this a long time or should I still wait. I've notice that some doctors say it can take up to a year. Well this has been 2 years and my nose is still slightly curved. Is my nose still in the healing process or should I go see my doctor?

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Two years is sufficient time to wait for resolution of swelling.  Was your nose crooked prior to surgery.  Failure to correct a crooked septum is one of the most common causes of persistent deviation of the nose.  I recommend discussing your results with your plastic surgeon.

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Nasal deviation 2 years after rhinoplsty

I think at this point it is not unreasonable to discuss this issue with your doctor.  You are beyond a widely accepted healing phase, which is 1 year after the surgery. Just keep in mind two things: 1) it is uncommon for the noses to change over time, even for the ones that were never operated; 2) very small problems are commonly not worth a revision surgery and are better left alone. Of course, if you have a significan deformity/ asymmetry then this should probably be corrected.  Good luck.

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2 years post op

Cavsfan, After 2 years you will not see a significant change in the appearance of your nose. I would suggest you see your surgeon and discuss your concerns. You may want to consider a second opinion and always look at as many photos of your surgeons rhinoplasties as possible. Good luck!

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2 yrs after nose surgery is time for visit

The swelling following a rhinoplasty should be resolved by one year. If your noticing curvature, you should see your surgeon and discuss a revision. The cartilage can warp over time leading to the curvature. 


Good Luck

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