Why is Only my Right Nipple Puffy? 300cc Silicone Submuscular. (photo)

I am 2 and a half weeks post op and my right nipple has less definition. My left one is "normal" and is defined where the right one is pointy and puffy. My left breast seamed to be healing fine but my right breast is not as cooperative. I dont think it dropped yet and its smaller. My right nipple also is super sensitive and hurts when brushed the wrong way. My right arm has less movement in some directions too. I am also right handed.

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Puffy nipple after breast augmentation is ok

As others have said, it is very common to have each breast heal differently and at different rates.  Time will probably resolve this for you.  However, sometimes nipples stay puffy after breast implants and this can be fixed with a resection of the extra tissue beneath the nipple areolar complex.

Good luck!

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Asymmetry with early post op breast augmentation healing

I do not think you should worry at all!  I always tell my patients that each breast does NOT know about the other one while they are healing - so we can't compare them to each other either.  Sometimes one nipple or the other looks a little funny after placing the implants through the incision you have - but they always relax and look normal over time.  It takes at least a month for the implants to drop and then 3 full months for the breasts to get soft like natural breasts.  You look great - hang in there!  K. Roxanne Grawe, MD Columbus Plastic Surgeon

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Nipple Asymmetry after Breast Augmentation

It would be nice to see some preop photos but you are so early in the healing phase that it is really difficult to comment.  At this point I would recommend being patient and wait it out to see how things heal.  It will be about 4 months until things have settled and at that point you and your plastic surgeon can re-evaluate things.  Hope that helps.

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Puffy nipple areola

Because you had surgery via the circumareolar incision. Sometimes each N/A complex heals at differing rates. Or the closure was not done level. But only your chosen surgeon would know. Best to allow 2 months healing than determine if this is still an issue. 

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Right Nipple Puffy following breast augmentation

Thanks for your photos.   This is quite a normal response following breast augmentation especially in such an early stage.  The breasts will rarely respond equally following surgery.  You need to be patient and wait for post-operative swelling to go down.   Visit your surgeon and discuss it with him/her.  Best of luck!

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Normal variation in breasts and early postoperative result

Almost all women have some variation between their breasts, and it appears as though you are no different.  It looks to me as though your right breast has some constriction in it, meaning that the tissues, including and especially the skin, are tight.  When this happens, the nipple/areolar complex is typically looser and the "weak link," and therefore all of the tissue pushes out through the areola.  I'll bet if you feel around the border of your areola it will feel a little like a ring or a tight band.  This is what makes the nipple look "puffy" and protrude more than the other side.  It is also this tension which I believe is making your right breast appear tighter, higher, and smaller than the left.  While it is possible that you may have had some bleeding around your implant, only your surgeon can tell by examining you, and based upon what I see and read about your case, I doubt this is the case.  Your findings are also consistent with your postoperative time frame, in that 2 weeks is very early, and usually with constriction in the breasts, it may take a little longer for things to settle, which they usually do.  I would not be surprised if your right breast will take 2 - 3 months to settle completely, and before this, I would not lose hope.  Good luck.

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Simply put - swelling.

Hi and thanks for posting your question. This looks like postoperative swelling. After surgery it is not uncommon for one side to swell more, be more uncomfortable and drop faster than the other side. Best wishes, Dr. Aldo.

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Still with postoperative swelling

Thanks for your question and pic. The nipple variation is still with the realm of normal at this point. I know it is frustrating, but there is nothing you can do except wait it out. Sometimes it is helpful to gently massage the nipple area. Because of the apparent periareolar incision approach, it might take a little longer to heal. No good explanation why one side lags the other when seemingly we do the same thing on both sides. Best of Luck!

M. Scott Haydon, MD
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Puffy Nipples After Breast Augmentation

Dear Caliheart,  At two and a half weeks after surgery, there are still many changes to occur in your breasts before they achieve their final shape.  Also, the right and left breasts can and will progress at a different pace so as hard as it is to do, try to avoid comparing the right and left breasts too much at this early stage post-op.  

From your photos, it appears you had your implants placed through a periareolar incision.  Sometimes on closure, one of the deeper stitches can catch underside of the skin and cause a dimpling or irregularity.  Usually after the underlying stitch dissolves, the defect also goes away.  Any resulting puffiness also usually resolves as the stitch dissolves.  My first recommendation is to discuss this with your plastic surgeon who can better address your concerns basd on  your examination.

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Give It Time by Villar

Nipple areola complexes in circumareolar incisions may stay swollen longer because the surgical trauma interferes with the normal drainage plexus of the nipple areolar anatomy. If there is some clotted blood in the wound or around the implant, swelling may be prolonged.  At this point, patience is indicated. Keep an eye out for any signs of infection such as pain, tenderness, redness, or drainage.  Otherwise you should do fine.  Best wishes. Knowledge is power. Luis F. VillarMD FACS

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