Will my Right Implant Take Longer to Heal After Revision Needed Due to Rupture?

My right 20 yr. old saline implant ruptured on in Aug. approx.7 months. ago. I have replaced them both recently in March. with 659cc mod.+ silicone.with smart lipo around auxilla areas and some back area.. Will it take longer for my right new implant to soften and drop then the left one that did not rupture. Because my left one is not at all feeling firm. My right side feels as if it were the first time getting implants..Is this normal? and will they both eventually feel and look the same??

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YOu dont need to worry. This is totally normal

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The deflated side required much more surgery and thus will be more swollen and require more time to heal than the non ruptured side. All the best. g


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