My Right Implant is off and Riding Higher/harder Than Left? (photo)

i am 6 weeks postop but the right side seems more and more off. the nipples don't line up and the right side is 1 inch higher than the left when measuring the lower pole. it is very firm to touch as well. it seems that the pocket needs to be lower. i had a higher breast naturally on the right side that the dr was supposed to fix. is this a necessary revision? i want to downsize them to 200ccs also which dr said would be very easy if i felt they were too big.

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When is the right time for revision breast implant surgery?

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  • Large implants in a small frame and thin skin can result in increased chance of problems. There is very little breast tissue to hide any position imbalances.
  • Enlarging the pocket of skin and muscle around the left implant will help. Waiting another few months if you can is ideal. It is always easier and more safe to operate in a fully-healed area without inflammation.
  • Best of luck in your healing.  Unfortunately some asymmetry and revision surgery risk is a part of the breast augmentation process for some patients. Discuss with your surgeon how to minimize risk of further issues.

Revision breast augmentation works.

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 You will need a revision in about three months.  As you say the folds don't line up, and that makes the nipples look even more uneven.  The higher breast needs to come down about one inch, the breasts need to be a little closer together, and somewhat smaller implants would be good.  Any capsular contracture can be treated at the same time.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Implant revision

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It looks and sounds like you may have some degree of early capsule contracture on the left side.  This may improve with time, but there is no way to know.  At six weeks post op, you could try wearing a stabilizer band and do implant displacement exercises if the implants are smooth.  If it does not improve after several months, you could have your surgeon to an inferior capsulectomy to lower the implant, remove some of the capsule and soften it.  Changing to smaller implants could be done at that time easily.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

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