My Right Eye is Smaller and Differently Shaped Than my Left Eye, and my Eyebrow is Also Differently Shaped? (photo)

Can This Be Fixed? I started noticing my eyebrow shapes were different about two years ago, I thought it was due to bad eye brow waxing that it had got that way (referring to the right eye since I favor my left eye and brow) - then I started to notice that my eye was also much different. Now that I notice, I can't stand it and want to know what's up, and if there's a way to fix this! (The whole right side of my face is different than my left... I consider it my ha side.)

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Eyelid Asymmetries

Don't get hung up on facial asymmetries that neither you or anybody else noticed before. The truth is that facial asymmetries are the norm and are unnoticed by the average observer. Only mannequins have perfect facial symmetry -- and that's one reason that they don't look natural. Human faces have numerous asymmetries, if you bother to look for them.  People can focus on and therefore get too caught up in relatively minor facial asymmetries. Yours are minor. For instance, differences in the level of the boney eye socket (and therefore the level of the eye and surrounding structures) are common. Also, the tilt of your head when the photograph is taken can create a slant.  I doubt if many or any of the surgeon's in this forum will see anything worth trying to "fix".

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My Right Eye is Smaller and Differently Shaped Than my Left Eye, and my Eyebrow is Also Differently Shaped? (photo)

You appear young and attractive.  Yes, there are techniques for adjusting brow and eyelid position and shape, but risks must be weighed against benefit.  Would start with non-surgical approaches, then move on to lower risk surgery if you desire.  Contemporary methods allow many features of eyelid appearance to be adjusted and enhanced.

Steve Laverson, MD
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