My Right Eye is Slanting Upwards Very Badly While my Left Eye is Normal? Any Plastic Surgery to Solve This? (photo)

Hi I am 17, asian male and my problem is that my right eye seem to slant upwards very badly while my eye other eye seems normal. The shape of my right seems very wierd like a semicircle that is tilted upwards. Also, I think my right side of my face seems over developed cos it seems longer than the left side and it is very obvious. I want to ask if there is any cosmetic procedures that can make my right eye slant downwards and shift my right eye socket downwards?Pls help me..

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Asian eyelid surgery for asymmetry

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thanks for your question Jerome

the majority of my practice is Asian facial plastics and Asian eyelid surgery. I can't comment on any asymmetry of your face but there is some asymmetry of your eyes though I can't really give detailed explanations since I can only see one I the time. The asymmetry that you see may not be as pronounced as it seems but I can't say for sure. I'll attach a video and information about surgery for asymmetric eyes that hopefully will be useful to you. Asian eyelid surgery is a craft that should be left to experienced professionals who perform the surgery as one of the cornerstones of their surgical practice.

Chase Lay, MD

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My Right Eye is Slanting Upwards Very Badly While my Left Eye is Normal? Any Plastic Surgery to Solve This?

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Hi Jerome. From these pictures it seems that there is an asymmetry to your eyelids. But I can't say much more. Can you resubmit another photograph which shows both eyes in the same photograph and without raising your eyebrows? It will allow for a better assessment.

Suzanne Kim Doud Galli, MD, PhD, FACS
Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon

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