Why is my Right Eye Lower and Smaller Than the Left? (photo)

I didn't notice my asymmetry until I started seeing myself on camera. Now I am self conscious. Looking back, I see that there was not much change since I was younger so it seems I was born this way. I am 24 so I don't foresee it changing our getting worse. What can be done about this? My right eye seems lower and smaller and my left eye brow is also higher. Also, I had a tongue thrust growing up and muscular imbalance in my lips and neck so I don't know if all of this lead to asymmetry.

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Asymmetry is normal

Looking at your photos, there appears to be a very subtle asymmetry between your eyes and eyebrows. Usually, the underlying reason behind the asymmetry is the underlying bony anatomy: the eye socket on one side is a different size than then other.

Having said that, your asymmetry is quite mild and likely no one but you [and experts like us] can pick it out. Every face is unique, and yous is certainly an attractive one. Appreciate the positives!!

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Eyelids are almost always a little different on each side.


I think your eyes are pretty and you certainly do not need any surgery.  I think slight asymmetry makes the face more interesting.  In any case, it is universal.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Smaller and lower right eye

  Thank you for your question and for posting photos, without which it would be impossible to answer.  However, even photos do not replace a face to face visit.  I don't really appreciate too much difference in your eye size.  Please remember that no one's left side is a perfect match for their right side.  But it looks to me like you have MILD asymmetry in your upper lids, which could be addressed with very conservative eyelid surgery.  Or you could relax and realize that your eyes look beautiful just the way they are.

Lawrence Kass, MD
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