My Right Eye is Higher Than my Left Eye and It is Also Blurry. Its Been Like This Since I Was a Child. Is It Dangerous? (photo)

My right eye is higher than my left eye and it is also blurry. Its been like this since i was a child. It was evident in all my pictures and it kinda bothers me. Is it dangerous? Are there ways to correct or cure it?

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Asymmetrical eyelids

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Asymmetry of the eyelids is usually related to position of the eyebrows. Occasionally a brow lift can be performed to level out the brows.   The bony orbital structures (eye sockets)also play a roll and are not amendable to surgical correction for cosmetic purposes  

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Eye asymmetry

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Your eye asymmetry is likely due to an underlying bony facial [eye socket] asymmetry, which is frankly not that uncommon.

Surgery needed to correct this anatomic asymmetry involves very invasive craniofacial asymmetry, and I do not believe that the benefits of you mild asymmetry, makes it worthwhile to undergo the risks and invasiveness of this surgery.

As to your blurry vision, you should definitely see an ophthalmologist for a comprehensive exam. If this is stable since childhood, it may be due to a simple refractive error that may be corrected with glasses, or amblyopia, a complicated condition that is more related to the neural connection between the eye and the brain, in which case glasses may not help. This is usually a stable condition as well. There are many other reasons for blurry vision as well, so an eye exam by an Ophthalmologist is the best place to start.

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My Right Eye is Higher Than my Left Eye and It is Also Blurry. Its Been Like This Since I Was a Child. Is It Dangerous?

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If this is a long-standing issue it is likely not dangerous. However, given your persistent blurry vision and orbital asymmetry you should consult with an ophthalmologist or oculoplastic surgeon to rule out any serious underlying issues. I hope this information is helpful.

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