My Right Eye Seems to Be Done Healing but my Left Eye is Still Swollen? (photo)

I got my double eyelid surgery last summer (end of June 2012). It's already been 10 months. While its not such a HUGE dilemma, I've noticed the asymmetricity when comparing my left and right eye. While my right eye appears to be "healed conpletely", my left eye is still a tiny bit swollen. I was wondering if the swelling on my left eye will gradually lessen and be symmetrical to my right. I did notice that the swelling has gone down a bit compared to last month. And I sleep on my left side

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Eyelid asymmetry post surgery

the photos are very small and hard to interpret. the interpalpebral distance appears equal,and the fold in the upperlids looks symettrical. yes the result can improve for a full year. I think your dr. did a good job.

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