Why has my right eye began to droop like it has? (Photo)

Over the last year or so I have noticed my right eye droops. Over time it has become worse. I have attached an image but on some days it's even worse than what you see here. Is it anything I should be concerned about?

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Droopy eyelid his do to lower eyebrow

When  Eyebrows are asymmetric, the lower brow will create more heaviness on the affected side. When we perform upper eye lid surgery, we can attempt to make the asymmetrical eyelids more symmetrical by removing more skin on one side than the other.

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Age-related droopy eyelid and brow

In short, it is genetics and age-related droopiness of the eyelid and brows.  As is the usually the case, the two eyes can be asymmetric.

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Why has my right eye began to droop like it has

You have Bilateral Upper Eyelid Ptosis ( droopy eye) and Brow Ptosis ( heavy brows that are droopy)
You should compare this photo to your younger photos and it will give you an idea.
If you wish to have this surgically corrected you will benefit from a Direct Brow Lift and correction of Upper Eyelid Ptosis.
All the best

Naveen Somia, MBBS, PhD, FRACS
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You have a ptosis.

You actually have a ptosis of both upper eyelids, with the lid touching the pupil.  You have very heavy eyelid skin, and also have a brow ptosis which is worse on the right.  Early in the day your forehead can probably help elevate the brow so your lids look more open.  As the day goes on your forehead may fatigue, so that the brow will fall and the eye will appear more closed, especially on the right.  make an appt. with an oculoplastic surgeon who can check the muscle function of the eyelids.       

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About dropping eyes

There are a lot of possibilities as to why the right eyebrow maybe drooping. First and foremost you have to look at where the actual problem is. It could be from the Eyebrows fourth could be from the eyelid itself. If I you see that you have asymmetric we call ptosis of the brows then this is an indication of some level of aging and it can be normal. When you look at the eyelid issues you have to see whether it is truly what we call dermatochalasis or ptosis of the eyelid. I would recommend that you see a board certified facial plastic surgeon for further help. Hope this helps. 

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