What Can I Do About my Right Ear? (photo)

Hello Doctors, I am 22 years old girl with outstanding ears as a child, I decided for an otoplasty for 3 years ago. Unfortunately I was unlucky with the results. I was therefore forced to go for a revision otoplasty. The result was still not enjoyable on the right side. Now I have asymmetrical ears and the shape of the ear is completely unacceptable (see picture). The doctors said that it was removed too much cartilage and skin. What can I do now? (NB! have a keloid problem). Regards, Mikela T.

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Agree the results are sub-optima.I am not sure of the technic used for the ottoplasty. The fact that the doctor said too much cartilage was taken makes me think that a new technic was used where the cartilage is incised full thickness but not taken out. You need someone with experience and review the medical records and see what was done and try to reverse it as much as possible.

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What Can I Do About my Right Ear?

            The middle third can be released, and the upper third can be resuspended at a slightly different level to achieve symmetry.   I would perform this under local anesthesia, so that you could see the difference as the revision is performed.  Then you could determine if you are happy with the result.  We would work together until we had achieved the look you desire.   Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Revision Otoplasty for Overcorrection

I am not sure that too much cartilage has been removed as that would not be part of most standard otoplasty techniques. But it is clear that the antihelical fold has been way overdone, folding the cartilages onto itself. That may also be a reflection of too much skin removed on the back of the ear as well. To partially undo such a result, it is necessary to add tissue after release of the cartilaginous ear fold. Most of the time, a cartilage graft is needed to hold out the released fold. Usually the addition of skin is not needed but that would require a physical examination to determine how tight the ear feels.

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Right ear deformity after two otoplasty procedures


I am sorry that that you have a poor appearance after having two surgeries on your right ear.  

Your ear can be restores to a much better appearance by releasing the excessive folding of your ear cartilage, covering the back of the released cartilage with healthy tissue and then adding some skin to the back of your ear to allow the rim to come out to a more normal position.

John F. Reinisch, MD
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Scarless otoplasty

A nice otoplasty should have no Visible scars behind the ears and the cartilage contours on the ear should ne smooth without sharp edges . This can be achieve with a scarless otoplasty technique. Too much structure and cartilage distortion has resulted from your otoplasty. To correct this, the scar behind the ear has to be release and structure restored to the ear. This can be done. If the cartilages were merely incised without removal, they can be restructured. If cartilage was removed, it may need to be replaced.

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