My Right Breast Swelled a Little Bit and I Have Back Pain Due to Lumbago?

Hi My right breast has swelled a little bit. It does not hurt or anything, but it is a bit swollen. I don't have another color on the right breast. It's the same color. It does not itch or feel tender. At times it feels a little tender/sore. I'm used to do alot of activity which can create a muscle injury, and lumbagos. Some things I've forgot to mention, is that I have bak pain, which can be due to my lumbago. I have silicone breast implants, which I made for 10-12 years ago. Thanks

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My Right Breast Swelled a Little Bit 12 years after surgery

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Nothing short of a visit with a plastic surgeon will provide a useful explanation of why the breast has changed. There could be a leak, a capsular contracture, or something in the breast tissue or adjacent chest wall itself. 

Do see your surgeon, or another plastic surgeon, or at least your primary physician.

Thanks for the question, best wishes.

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