My Right Breast is Pointy After Augmentation?

It's been almost 2 weeks. My right breast is pointy and cone shaped. I had 450 cc mentor high profile silicone placed under the muscle. I also have/ had the deformity known as tuberous breast. I'm just wondering if it's always going to be like this. I'm around 185 pounds and 5'5".

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Tuberous breasts are tricky

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Implants alone usually don't correct a tuberous breast.  Contouring needs to be done around the areola and contricted breast tissue needs to be released in the lower part of the breasts.  This usually requires implants on top of the muscle and an incision around the nipple.

Tuberous breast vary from really severe to mild and treatment is always highly individualized and at least in my experience can be pretty tricky. 

Discuss your concerns with your surgeon. 

Tuberous breast and augmentation affects.

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A tuberous breast deformity is in the spectrum of congenital breast disorders known as "constricted breast deformity." In a tuberous breast, we usually see herniation of the breast into the areola (looks like a widened areola), and elevation of the inframammary fold, and a narrowing of the base of the breast. In an augmentation and correction of the deformity, the fold is often lowered and the internal constricting bands are released. This is a comples operation and can be prone to revision surgery. If your breast remains "tuberous" following augmentation, it may be due to inadequate release or simply that the effects of the release need time to relax and stretch. Give yourself at least 3 months and maintain close follow up with your surgeon.

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Tuberous breast and cone shape

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A tuberous breasst is a bit cone shaped, and with an implant it may stay that way. Some do stretch a bit, but it is very difficult to evaluate without photos or being seen in person.

Pointy post aug

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This is part of the tuberous deformity to have popinty breasts.soemtimes the skin envelope needs to be corrected at the time or before i9mplants are placed.You may need to have yopur surgeon do this now.

Tuberous breasts pointy after augmentation

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Tuberous breast deformity usually requires some type of skin tailoring procedure for optimum breast shae.e It is not unusual to have persistence of a pointy contour after sub-muscular augmentation although this should have been discussd with you pre-operaitvely.


Correction for best result will likely require a peri-areolar skin tightening.  Be sure to review a complete portfolio of pre- and post-op pictures with your board certified plastic surgeon so you know exactly what to expect.


Why Are Tuberous Breasts Pointy After Augmentation?

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Tuberous breasts are pointy by definition since a tuber is a potato, and so before these breasts droop, they come straight out.  If you put an implant behind the muscle, the pointiness tends to be enhanced.  With reference to your question as to whether they will stay pointy depends on what surgery your plastic surgeon performed.  Tuberous breasts have a very constricted base and will remain so unless the surgery, in one way or another, allows the breast base to splay out over the face of the implant. 

I am sure your plastic surgeon had a plan to deal with this, so at this point, I recommend speaking to your plastic surgeon about your concerns.

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