Will my right breast drop and look like the left? It does not look the same to me. (photo)

I had breast augmentation 11/26/2013 saline filled sub muscular 500cc on the right 480cc on the left my concern is on the right breast I have lose skin hanging at the bottom I was told that I had 500cc put into the right breast because it was smaller than the right but the left breast is so much bigger to me. My ps said he put the implant on the right side of my breast higher and it has to drop, but I'm not convinced. Is it me?

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Asymmetry after augmentation

You are still early out.  It can take three (even up to six) months for you to see the final result from breast augmentation.  Having said that:

The top of the implants seem to be in a fairly symmetric position.  Your right breast appears to be more ptotic (droopy) than the left.  You may see some improvement with time, but I would be open to the possibility that you may need a lift (mastopexy) on the right (if not both) side(s).  It is difficult to tell a volume difference from your photo, so I cannot really comment on that...

Discuss your concerns with you PS, and also try to have some patience!

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