Does my Right Breast Just Need to Drop? (photo)

Hi. I am 3 weeks post op. I had 350cc CUI low profile silicone implants and am a little worried about the difference in my breast shape and size. My left seems to have dropped dramatically where as my right still sits high and is giving a more fake appearance. I know its only early days but im wondering if from the photos you can see it either my right needs to drop or the left has dropped to far? Thanks.

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Breast asymmetry 3 weeks after augmentation

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The photos you provide does show a more settled left breast implant. However, they still have more time to settle. In general, in the first six week it is not unusual to have one implant higher. Implants may take up to six months to settle. My advice for you is to follow up with your plastic surgeon. Address your concerns with him/her and follow the post operative instructions.   

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Implants dropping at different rates

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Your left side does look like it has dropped slightly more than the right, but this early after your surgery, I would not assume that this is permanent.

I encourage you to ask your surgeon how to address this, as everyone has a slightly different way to manage implants after surgery.


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