Will my Ridged Incision Smooth Out? Will my Off-center Belly Button Move? (photo)

I am 19 days po from an extended TT with lipo of the flanks and thighs. I am concerned because my incision is lumpy and ridged. Will this subside as it heals or is this indicative of how it will be permanently? What can I do to facilitate the smoothing out of the incision? Also, my belly button is off-center. Will it center itself as the swelling goes down? Thanks for your help!

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Rippled incision after a tummy tuck

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Dear Gidjettrose,


The scar you have shared through your photographs will flatten with time but the net outcome cannot be predicted.

Revisions could be considered if necessary but only after complete healing has taken place.

As for the umbilicus (belly button), it will not move to the center.

Without your pre-op photographs, it is hard to evaluate changes.


Thank you for sharing clear photographs and for your inquiry.


West of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Tough Tummy Tuck

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Here are the realities of the matter:

 The belly button position will not change.  

 Your incision is not the best closure I have ever seen but It should improve with time but the final outcome no one can predict.  I would not recommend any treatment for it now other than time.


Dr. ES



Will my Ridged Incision Smooth Out? Will my Off-center Belly Button Move?

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Based upon your photos the rippled incision will improve but hard to predict if it will become totally smooth. As for the malposition umbilicus, unfortunately, I doubt this will correct itself. Sorry 

Tummy tuck questions

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The ridges in your incision will smooth out as time goes by, since it is that way because of having thin skin after weight loss and the dissolvable sutures in it.  The belly button will not move to the center with time, but if you look closely at your preop photos, it may have been over to the side a bit all the time. Maybe you also have some curvature of the spine which could make this happen. 

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