My Rhinoplasty is Entering Its Ninth Year. Why is my Nose Still Swollen?

Eight years ago I had rhinoplasty (closed). My nose started to heal very strangely. The doctor said that scar tissue was causing a tethering effect, so he scraped it out. It returned, so he rebuilt it with my own cartilage. Then he decided that my nose needed to be rasped. Then, he did a full revision (open). For a minute it looked perfect but then it swelled and has been unevenly swollen for four years. There have also been a million kenalog shots along to the way to which I react badly. Help.

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Revision rhinoplasty is what you need.

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Your nose is fully healed and it's not swollen this long after your surgery. Therefore you will need to have a revision rhinoplasty done by a revision rhinoplasty expert.

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