I Have Had my Rhinoplasty Done, But I Am So Depressed About my Appearance! Do I Need Revision? (photo)

I recently got my nose done mid-July...I wanted to improve the width of my nose and the my huge bump that you could see from my profile view. I was just wondering if the tip will go down. I know I still have swelling because I can feel it hard and its only been approximately 2 weeks, when does most of the swelling typically go down, if so does it go down enough that you can see a difference? I literally feel like my self- esteem has plummeted. I feel like all eyes are on me. Do I need revison work?

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Do I Need A Revision on My Nose Surgery?(photo) #nosesurgery

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Remorse  is the first emotion when discussing cosmetic surgery. It is so early that it is impossible for you to judge your result. It can take a year for all of the swelling to resolve, however you will see a big difference within the fist 2-3 months. As a Rhinoplasty surgeon you need to be very patient. You have already pointed out that your nasal tip is hard and swollen, and I do believe it is. Give it time and your shape will improve. I promise. Just give it time.

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Revision After Rhinoplasty

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At two weeks you have nothing to worry about. The results of your rhinoplasty look good, and they will continue to imporove. It takes up to nine months for the majority of the swelling from rhinoplasty to subside, and up to a year for a full recovery. During this time the nose will change significantly as scars and swelling fade.

Jaime Perez, MD
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Too Early To Assess Your Final Results

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It is not uncommon that some patients feel "out of place" after their surgery but at 2 weeks post-surgery it is very early to assess the results of your rhinoplasty.

Swelling is pretty normal and the current status of your columella will improve.

Usually, it takes about 6 months to achieve around 60% of your final results and the race continues for the 12 months post-op mark.

I recommend that you have a little more patience, follow your surgeon's instructions religiously and keep your surgeon in the loop of your progress.

I hope this helps. The best of luck to you.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Dr. Sajjadian

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I Have Had my Rhinoplasty Done, But I Am So Depressed About my Appearance! Do I Need Revision? (photo)

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WOW so soon to be so depressed! Only a few weeks!!! Best to discuss your concerns with your surgeon. But the posted photos show an improvement. After 6 months if still unhappy than YES have a revision

Looks like your are on your way to a good result but there is still a lot of swelling at 1 month.

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I see significant improvement in your nose but persistent swelling is obscuring some of the final result.  Be patient and follow up with your surgeon.

Healing After Rhinoplasty

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You need to be more patient. It takes a month for the swelling to get out of the upper half of the nose and a good 3 months for most of it to come out of the lower half. It can take up to a year to see the final result of the tip. 

Patients for final results after Rhinoplasty surgery

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It is very early in your recovery period after rhinoplasty procedure.

It will take at least 3 months before you can see the close to final appearance and about 12 months for your final results!

Mention your concerns to your surgeons but be patient.


Good luck! 

Evaluating Rhinoplasty Results

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It is impossible to evaluate rhinoplasty results 2 weeks after surgery. All you can do at this time is be patient. Your nose will continue to change over the next 10-12 months as healing progress and you can decide if a revision is necessary.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Be patient. It takes months for swelling to settle after a rhihoplasty

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Please be patient.  Follow your surgeons suggestions.  Wait until 6 months to make an opinion regarding your final result.  Results at 4 weeks look excellent.

Scott Barr, MD
Sudbury Plastic Surgeon

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