My Retainers Have Cracked in Middle and Teeth Have Moved, Can I Move Them Back?

I had my brace off nearly 2 years ago and have worn my retainers every day/night. My front teeth were crooked and the retainers have cracked in the middle and now my teeth have gone slightly wonky again how can I fix this because even with my retainer they are staying the same !!!! Please help

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Broken retainers

When retainers crack it allows for your teeth to move since they are no longer being held rigidly like they are when the retainers are in their original form. I recommend visiting your orthodontist for a re-evaluation. If the shifting that has occurred is minor, it may be able to be corrected with a removable appliance like a corrective retainer... if the shifting requires more than a minor correction you might have to revisit orthodontic treatment like braces again or Invisalign.

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