Are my results normal? Any opinions? Revision? (photos)

I'm exactly 4 months post ba. I had 425L 475R silicone natrelle 20 unders to fix mild assymmetry. I'm VERY picky and want honest opinions. I wanted a big difference from starting out 34A. My nipples are at different heights too. Are my results looking good so far? Do I need a revision to lower my breast? Are my creases too high? Do they look small or should I have gone bigger? Will they drop more and soften? Any recommendations please???

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Please post your before photo, since a comparison would definitely help give you a better opinion. However, you appear to be doing well considering that you went from a 34A. You may need to wait another couple of months to see the full results of your surgery. If in two months or so you're still unhappy with your results, please return to your surgeon to talk about your results.

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Without good "before" photos, it is impossible to determine whether your inframammary folds and nipple position had any asymmetry to start.  Most women have some mild asymmetries before surgery that will not be fixed by augmentation alone.  However, if you had very small breasts before or strong chest muscles, it may take several months for your tissues to soften and stretch.  If you are concerned, you should discuss this with your surgeon.

Are my results normal? Any opinions? Revision?

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Yes results look OK. But better posted photos would help. Plus seek in person second opinions as an easier method to hear what your progress is... 

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From your photos it appears that you are right on target for 4 months post breast augmentation.  If your skin was tight and you had small breasts it may take several more months before you can start to judge the final result.  If your inframammary creases are symmetric then any existing asymmetry is due to either post operative swelling, muscle tightness or pre-existing nipple height asymmetry.  Reviewing your before and after photos with your plastic surgeon should answer most of your questions.  


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Your results are very good.  The asymmetry you see in your nipples was likely there and it should have be pointed out to you that this asymmetry in the nipples would likely be more noticeable with the implants. Pre-op photos would be helpful. The overall shape and position looks good for 4 months out.  They can still drop and soften some over the next couple months and a tiny bit more over the next 8 months.  Be patient, things look good so far. 

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Based solely on your photos, the two look very good. There is always some slight asymmetry that is not able to be corrected.  Overall, they  look nice. Enjoy!

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I think everything looks great, those are big implants so you got your big difference, unfortunatly you cant make asymmetry perfect and you will not be able to make the nipples look perfect

Impossible to say without more info

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The photo you shared doesn't show enough to make any real comments.  That being said, if you needed two different sized implants your breasts will NEVER be identical.  Implants that are 50cc different in size have different diameters and different projection numbers.  Thus, combined with your own preoperative tissue you will never be exactly the same.  You also didn't show a preoperative photo so it is hard to say what differences you had to begin with.  At the end of the day slight asymmetry is very common and it is probably not worth another procedure as things could be made worse, not better.  I would suggest going to see your plastic surgeon and reviewing your concerns to see if any improvements could be made.  Good luck!


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The posted photos aren't very good quality. A pre-op photo without a top would be more helpful. Based on the posted post-op photo, your results look quite good. 

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