How Do my Results Look So Far with my Chin Augmentation? (photo)

6 days post op. My chin is crooked when it wasn't before. My chin looks very different, I asked that my front chin shape not to change, but more concerned with my side profile definition. Feel like I have a completely different chin shape, generic as I would say. My jaw definition doesn't seem to have improved. Should I see more results with regards to side profile? Can crooked chin be a cause of swelling? Was this the correct procedure for what I wanted? Last pic of what I want to look like

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Results at 6 days after chin augmentation

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I would agree that at only six days after your chin augmentation, that there is still some swelling involved.  It can take several months and sometimes up to a year to see the final result after a chin augmentation.  The swelling you have now can definitely affect your current appearance and can make your chin look crooked.  With time, things will improve, so I would re-evaluate your appearance again in a month or so.  

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Chin augmentation before and after

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Dear Wikdlydlishus,

  • After just 6 days, it is very early to tell
  • It will look asymmetric/crooked because of the swelling
  • Just give it time (several weeks) for all of the swelling to settle out
  • It will look much better in a week, then even better in a month...etc

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