How Do my Results Look So Far with my Chin Augmentation?

6 days post op. Noticed my chin is crooked when it wasn't to start with before. My chin looks very different, and I asked that my front chin shape not to change, but more concerned with my side profile definition. Feel like I have a completely different chin shape, generic as I would say. My jaw definition doesn't seem to have improved. Should I see more results with regards to side profile? Can crooked chin be a cause of swelling. Was this the correct procedure for what I wanted?

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Too Early To Tell The Results of Your Chin Implant

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It takes a few weeks after your surgery to tell the final appearance of your chin after a chin implant.  At this time, there is swelling present and it can be asymmetric.  I would wait to reserve judgement of your results.  

Crooked Chin Implant

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    Yes, you can have asymmetric swelling after any procedure.  The answers to your other questions can be answered by your plastic usrgeon and depend upon the style of implant, size of implant, whether this implant was trimmed intraoperatively, your preop anatomy and your postop anatomy.

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