Will my Results from Having a Breast Lift Done in Stages Be Just As Good As if It Was Done All at Once? (photo)

As s last minute decision i hit 240cc mp implants with my lift 3 months ago. my ps switched from a full anchor lift to a j-cut because of this. i want the implants removed and the remainder of the lift done. Will things be as high and tight as if in got the whole lift done at once? Does the whole lift need to be redone? also said my breast would not touch on the bottom and the still do. Would the extra incision lift them that much more?

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Will my breast lift results be worse after removing an implant?

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for your post.  It sounds like you are asking if your breast lift revision will be affected by first putting an implant in with a primary lift, then taking the implant out and doing a secondary lift.  Yes and no.  The actual lift itself should be the same as a secondary revision as if it was done without the implant the first time.  However, you will not get any where near the fullness to your upper breast as you would have with the implant.

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Pablo Prichard, MD

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Secondary Full Breast Lift after Combination Implants and Vertical Lift

Most combination breast lifts with implants are done as a one-stage procedure. There is no evidence, although it may be preferred by some plastic surgeons, that a two-stage approach produces a better result than a one-stage result for breast lifting and augmentation. While you appear to have a very good and uncomplicated outcome from your surgery, you appear to prefer a much more lifted result. Since your implants are fairly small there may be no reason to remove them to do a more complete lift. Let your breast full heal and relax and then let your plastic surgeon determine if a full lift can be done with your implants in place.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Removing breast implant after a breast lift and augmentation

Your result looks quite good.  The breast may be larger than you desire and this is understandable.  A small implant will only increase you by one cup size.  If the implant is removed your remaining breast tissue will need to be remodeled since you will lose some volume.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift in stages revision

Hi ,  Your question is a little confusing in that you are describing doing a lift in stages.  This is not the usual approach.  A lift is completed in one stage and it seems that you already have that done.    Your nipple position seems quite good for not needing another nipple elevation but you have the double bubble effect and it will continue to show over time.  Some patients are okay with it but others want it revised.  You might be indicating a breast lift done at one setting and the implants at another.  Some doctors do that but I prefer both together.  With the implant being modest (240), then you must have a lot of your own breast tissue that has been lifted over the implant.  It depends upon what bothers you.  If the distance from the crease to the nipple complex is too long (bottoming), then that can be revised easily.  If you want the implants out, be prepared for eventual sloping above the nipple complex.  I think that the best approach to your case is 1. take out some breast tissue to decrease the weight on support skin of the lower pole of the breasts (you can adjust the implant size if this approach is chosen so that the implant is powering your breast forward and the weight over the muscle is less).  2.  Adjust your nipple position only if needed on exam but not bring them higher (according to your pic)   3.  Move your implants as needed but leave them in)(thus, one procedure for all of the listed adjustments)  4.  Take a horizontal strip of tissue above the crease to make the nipple complex much closer to the crease and give you a more perky look  5.  Correct any asymmetry that might exist on examination.  It is important for you to know that the implants give the fullness above the nipple complex and if you do not have them, no matter how tight you make your lift, the tissue will always slope above the nipple complex if no implants are in place.  At first high and tight...then settling and by 6 months, the sloping might not be to your liking.  Go over this with you ps to make sure that you are understanding the variations of results that will happen with or without implants. 

Steven M. Lynch, MD
Albany Plastic Surgeon
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