Will My Breasts Look Like These After Photos After 375cc Silicone Implants? (photo)

Surgery in two weeks.Starting to get nervous.Even though I went over everything at the consult,I can't help but be worried about how it is going to look after.My dr. seemed really excited to see my breast saying that everything about them looked perfect and that they are going to look really good after implants.I opted for 375cc's of Mentor Silicon memory gel.I searched online and found other woman with breast that looked like mine, and the result is pretty much what I want.Will it look close?


Will my Result Look Alot Like the After Photos of Woman with 375cc Silicone Unders That Have Breast That Look Like Mine Post Op?

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It is really difficult to make guarantees

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It sounds like you've done everything right so far in preparing for your surgery.  A certain amount of anxiety is expected prior to surgery.  It is important for patients to understand that it is near impossible to guarantee a certain cup size or appearance.  Each patient is unique in regards to how they will heal, and certainly in regards to their anatomy.  It is also extremely important to take into account a patient's frame.  A 375cc implant would be a bit small for a large framed patient, and conversely, it could be dangerously large for petite patient with a narrow frame.  

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Appearance after augmentation

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It really depends on your frame.  Often, the pictures people see do not take this into account.  Height, weight, and chest width have a big impact on implant size.

How will 375cc implants look on ME

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Your implant size may look very similar to these photos.  It is very important that you know the differences will depend upon how tall you are and how wide your shoulders and chest are compared to these women in the photos.

 With 375cc the implant size will be good for you if you are afraid of going too large.  The shape may be slightly different on you, but still very pretty.


Congratulations in choosing gel implants.  You will love them.



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I think it is reasonable for you to expect a result similar to those in the pictures shown. You must remember that no two breasts are exactly the same pre op and they won't be post op either.

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