Why is my Renova Covered by my Insurance & Not Latisse, They Are Both Cosmetic?

Why is my Renova Covered by my Insurance & Not Latisse, They Are Both Cosmetic?

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Latisse not Covered by Insurance

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Thank you for your question.

Insurance companies have their own rules.. I don't know why one cosmetic product would be covered and not the other - but I do know that Latisse is not covered by any insurance company.

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Renova can be used to treat acne

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For some patients Renova can be used to treat acne too. If that is why your physician recommended you use it, then the office may have gone through a prior auth process to get the medication approved for you. If you are using it for something cosmetic, then your insurance shouldn't be covering it. Latisse is considered cosmetic only, even though it's a prescription, and therefore would never be covered by insurance. 

RENOVA is Indicated for Fine Facial Wrinkling

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RENOVA is indicated for cosmetic use for fine wrinkles in addition to sun avoidance program.  It would be unusual for an insurance company to cover RENOVA, although the active ingredient retinoic acid can be covered on insurance plans, and maybe this is why it was covered in your situation.

LATISSE is for cosmetic enhancement of the eyelashes.  Most insurance plans do not cover LATISSE unless there was a medical reason for its use.  

Both Renova and Latisse are cosmetic

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You are correct. Both Renova and Latisse are used for cosmetic purposes and therefore neither should be covered by your insurance. You should notify your insurance carrier that they paid for your Renova in error so that you can refund their money.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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