What would my recommended orthodontic treatment be? (photo)

Given the pictures, what would my treatment plan be? To summarize, my orthodontic issues that I know of are: - Lower teeth crowding, Lower jaw smaller - High upper canines - Over bite - About 5-7mm over-jet - Angular lower wisdom teeth

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What would my recommended ortho tx be?

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Photos alone are insufficient to come up with a good treatment plan.

X-rays, study models and a clinical exam of the patient are all needed as well as a conversation with the patient/parent about the goals of treatment and what the patient is willing to do and can afford. Only then can a treatment plan be presented!

Most orthodontists would be happy to give you a short consultation at no cost to help you decide on some of the options

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can I ask how old you are? Your case is a moderately difficult Class II and the outcome should be excellent. I would even consider that this case is possible with Invisalign, but in any case you need a very experienced and good clinician, which is to say get to an Orthodontist. Such a specialist can handle this case, best of luck.

Frank Celenza, DDS, PC
New York Orthodontist

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