This is my Radiesse 4 1/2 weeks for pre jowl culpus and I have a lumpy right side. (photos)

This is my Radiesse 4 1/2 weeks for pre jowl culpus and I have a lumpy right side. I was told to press on it and some days it's flared and some days it seems flatter. Is this normal? As you can see on the point of the left upper jowel it looks like a lump. Not a smooth transition like the left side. Any advice to smooth that area? Dontoubthinknyou pressing on it will eventually not be needed? Help?!

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Lump after filler

Massaging at this point will help to a certain extent to smooth out the area. However,it is a matter of time to see improvement. I would suggest seeing your provider for further evaluation if you are not satisfy.

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Radiesse contour deformity

Radiesse may be molded for about 48 hours after injection.  Intermittent swelling and bruising is a frequent side effect of Radiesse, therefore this is not unusual and will resolve.  You may continue massage but may not visualize further change.  To smooth the left side, Radiesse or Perlane can be injected for a better transition.
Thank you.

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Irregularity of Radiesse

Thank you for including the pictures, but I am sorry that I do not think I can see the area of your concern. Perhaps it is because the light is coming from the left side, and the right side is a bit shadowed. Nonetheless, at four weeks post treatment there is probably still some swelling around the Radiesse product. That may explain why some days it looks flatter than other days. I believe that more time should pass before making a final assessment as to the symmetry and contour of your results; in another 1 to 2 months you should have a better idea of the final results.It is not all that uncommon for one area to swell more than another following injections. Such a difference in swelling may be related to the amount of product placed, how the product was placed, and at what level the product was placed.After Radiesse  is placed into the tissue, it can be molded with massage. Massage at this initial time frame is probably the most important and the most effective. As more time evolves, massage will have less of an effect on product shape/contour. By comparison, hyaluronic acid gels are moldable for a longer period of time than Radiesse is.If, at the time of initial filling or shortly thereafter, an irregularity (lump) of the Radiesse product is noticed, a small amount of saline can be injected into the area, and then massaged. This will help to disperse the irregularity and flatten it. However, as the microspheres become incorporated into the tissue, this no longer becomes possible.For now, gently massage the area several times per day. Allow a few weeks to pass. If it has not improved, or if there is still an asymmetry you are not happy with, see the provider who performed your injections to discuss options to improve the contour of this area. Best wishes. 

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