My Question is About Using Steroid Injections on Swelling After Orthographic Surgery and Lipo on Chin?

About 5 weeks ago I had orthographic surgery and liposuction on my chin. I developed hard ridges on my neck that the Dr says is fluid build up. She said to use heat and massage which I try to do, but the area is very sore, so it is hard to massage. She also said she could inject steroids in the area, but I am afraid of the side effects. How long is it reasonable to wait before pursuing such treatment, and could this swelling be permanent, or will it eventually clear itself up? I am 58 YO

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Five weeks after surgery it is not uncommon to still have visible swelling.  The swelling will continue to resolve with time with your final result visible in 6 months to 1 year.  However, if the swelling seems to increase or becomes physically uncomfortable you need to discuss possible treatments.  In rare cases, some swelling can become permanent, but in my opinion it is still too soon to say if you are one of those cases.  I recommend you follow your surgeon’s instructions and give your body more time to recover.

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