After 4 months, nose changed shape and has become bigger. Is this part of recovery? (photo)

After i did rhinoplasty i was happy that my noise smaller than before but this happiness was not too long because after 4 months the shap of my noise changed become biger the nasal of my nois become deformed.pleas help me .is this will be recovery or not? Every day when i saw my nois i cry .

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Post Rhinoplasty


Without seeing a "before" photo of your nose, and a photo soon after surgery, it is difficult to make a conclusion about the current state your nose is in.  It is quite possible that you are experiencing swelling as swelling can be present for up to a year in most cases after rhinoplasty surgery.  I would definitely recommend you schedule a follow up visit with your surgeon soon in order to discuss your concerns, and so the surgeon can advise a treatment protocol.

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After 4 months, nose changed shape and has become bigger. Is this part of recovery?

I cannot see the specific concerns described by looking at this single photo.  However, most surgeons would agree that the end point of a rhinoplasty is not until 6-8 months after the surgery (or longer).  There can be changes seen along the way.  I advise you to communicate your specific concerns with your surgeon.  Good luck and be safe.

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Nose getting bigger in recovery?

Yes, the nose when the splint comes off has less swelling.  In the weeks after, in the early recovery, the nose usually will look "bigger" because of normal swelling.  This will take weeks to months but will improve.

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