My Question is about cosmetic filling on a fractured teeth?

Three of my front teeth was broken into half, 6 months ago. My dentist fixed it with cosmetic filling but the shape and structure of my teeth is not like my previous teeth, neither I have my old smile. The teeth came little bit outward and looks bad when I talk. There is also a dark scar between my teeth. What should I do to improve my teeth structure, like my previous teeth. How can my dentist fix it up like my previous teeth, should I need to show photos of my previous teeth. My age is 22.

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I would love to see a previous picture of your teeth before they fractured. You could post a before and after picture of your teeth. Pictures would help us comment more accurately. What was the cause of the fracture? Were you involved in a car accident or did you fall?

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A full porcelain crown or veneers may be best for you

Smile restoration can have a variety of options, including crowns, bridges, veneers, onlays/inlays or implants. Your selection of restorative choices will depend on the amount of healthy tooth enamel that is still present, as your restoration will have to be supported by the tooth structure. Direct bonding will typically only help with smaller areas, or get you by with larger areas until you can consider something more aesthetic. A full porcelain crown or veneers may be in your best interest, but will come at a larger investment.

Michael Tam, BDS
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Other treatment options can more precisely reconstruct smile aesthetics

It sounds like you are looking for a restoration to closely mimic your previous smile prior to an accident. To restore your teeth, the dentist chose one of the more conservative options know as direct bonding. Direct bonding is the least invasive and most economical. Some cases may be able to recieve direct bonding in terms of the structure/function of the restoration, but the size of the fractured tooth stretches the limit of the aesthetics of this technique. To achieve an improved aesthetic result, indirect bonding veneers/crowns are typically more natural and allow for more control to design the smile more closely to a picture of a smile a patient desires. Discuss your concerns with your dentist and options to improve the result.

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