1 Month Post-Op Vaginoplasty I Think I Pulled Stitches and its Hard to Squeeze, Do I Need Repair?

I misunderstand my doctor who said to me on the 4- th week of vaginoplasty that he recommends to wait 1 month before sexual intercourse because does not worry about me but about my partner. So we tried not fully intercourse and something felt like lastik broke off, found few stiches off and ever since I feel more weak on that left side like can not squeeze as hard as right but defenitly the squeeze power improved with the time. My question is : Is it a muscle broken off and needs a repair?

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Different sensations after vaginoplasty

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In most vaginoplasty cases, absorbable sutures are used to close the outermost layer of tissue on the inside of your vagina- those stitches you see and the popping you felt may be those stitches giving way a bit before being broken down completely.  As far as having a different squeeze feel that is much more difficult to diagnose over the internet- I recommend a visit to your surgeon to be sure the repair still looks good.

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