How Can I Tell if its Swelling or Not After Eyelid Ptosis Surgery?

I had ptosis surgery on Jan 27 2012, this would have been my 3rd surgery to correct the problem, I'm now 21...he did my surgery and now my eye is smaller than before and the skin is over my eyelid, basically I barely have an eye lid now. I keep calling and he said no it's just the puffyness, by March 12th it should be open...March 12 is on Monday and my eye has shown NO progress since the 2nd week of my surgery. I can close my eye & open, and see perfectly just its small & I have no eyelid.

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Swelling after revision surgery

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Morning Katerina,


This sound frustrating but have patience.  If this is your third surgery this very well could be swelling. . .even after three months.  Though it may be very tempting to "do something about it" I would wait a full 6 months before deciding whether this is a successful surgery or not.  Three months is still early post op after a revision surgery.


Chase Lay, MD

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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