Is my Ptosis Repair Healing in a Normal Fashion or is Revision Needed? (photo)

If I have managed to hit the right buttons then I should have some photos of the state of my ptosis repair. Today 6/26/2012 I awoke with my left eye more swollen than usual, it feels very heavy on the outside edge. Is it possible to have more fat/tissue on the outside of one eyelid versus the other? In reviewing older photos of myself, the outside of my left eyelid seems to appear thicker than the right outside eyelid (same for my sons...congenital). Can this tissue/fat be removed? Thanks

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Swelling after ptosis surgery

It is normal to have a lot of swelling in the first few weeks after ptosis surgery, sometimes more on one side than the other.  It may be too early to tell, depending on how long ago you had surgery.  Close follow up with your surgeon is recommended.

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Ptosis surgery

Ptosis repair causes a lot of swelling and one should allow the healing process to complete. However, regular follow up with your surgeon is very important.

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Obtain some good quality photos and discuss your needs with an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon who can help you with your goals.

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Unfortunately...the photo posted isn't great

Unfortunately, the photo you posted is not great for us to give you a recommendation. And you have not told us how many days post operatively you are.

As the question of more fat on one side that the other:  absolutely...everybody has some degree of asymmetry, and you are no different. Surgeons try to achieve symmetry as much as possible, with varying success.

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