Is my Ptosis Repair Healing in a Normal Fashion or is Revision Needed?

Hello there, I am five weeks post-op for a ptosis repair of my left eye (congenital). I am concerned about the peaked appearance of my lash line, as well as the overall droopy/puffy presentation. Immediately post-op I was very bruised and swollen with a very peaked lash line. The appearance of my left eye has certainly improved but I am concerned it is not going to have a natural look to it. With my last visit to the surgeon I shared my concerns and he said that everyone heals differently.

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It is true that these surgeries take time and people do heal differently.

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However, your concerns are understandable.  One of the potential issues with upper eyelid ptosis is an unsatisfactory upper eyelid contour such a a lid peak.  Many of these issues do get better with time.  5 weeks is early.  In 6 to 12 months issues that persist may prompt you to think about revisional work on the eyelid.  If the peak is truly severe, occasionally early surgery may be considered.  Post photos for more specific input.

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