Will my Ptosis Lead to Other Eye Problems?

I'm 21, and i've noticed that my left eyelid has had ptosis since I was 14. To be honest, it's pretty mild, and no one has ever commented or even noticed it except for myself. It's been about 7 years since I first realized it (older pictures of me hinted that i've had it since I was younger), and there hasn't been any change in how much the eyelid droops. In the future though, can this cause my eyes to misalign and become lazy? My optometrist already says I should always wear my glasses.

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Mild eyelid ptosis causing vision change?

Upper eyelid ptosis can have permanent bad effect on the eye/vision in childhood.  It usually does not cause any permanent damage if in teenage years or later. Mild can be observed or cosmetic ptosis surgery can be done (see an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation).

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Mild ptosis will not cause "lazy eye"

If the ptosis is mild and does not cover the pupil it does not cause amblyopia, or "lazy eye." It should not lead to any future eye problem. To get the best information about the cause and possible cure you should be evaluated by an oculoplastic surgeon. You can find one in your area through the American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, at ASOPRS.org.


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No your eyes will not become lazy or misaligned.

Small degrees of ptosis are relatively common (think bedroom eyes).  What is bothersome is when the eyelid encroaches into the visual axis, the eyes don't look open in photos, or when subjectively you decide you want to do something about the issue.  Optometrists do not correct these issues.  Surgery is required.  If the problem is significant enough that hiding it behind glasses is a reasonable option, it might be time to consider a consultation with a surgeon.  If none of these issues apply, I suggest you ignore the issue until such time as you feel you need to revisit it.

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Eyelid ptosis

Whether or not you wear glasses is unlikely to affect how much your eyelid droops. At times, ptosis can be due to a medical condition, and I would recommend you get a complete eye exam by an ophthalmologist. Ptosis repair surgery is difficult and is prone to over and undercorrections. If the ptosis is barely noticeable, I would likely recommend that you leave it alone. 

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