Will my PS work on my nose, after I've already went to another PS to try and correct his mistake?

I went to have rhinoplasty revision with my PS. Well my results came out the worst and was suppose to be a revision! Very crooked and pinched nostrils.He offered 2 fix but I had bad taste in my mouth.I ended up going to see another PS to add bigger bridge and he had to touch the tip to match it but he couldn't correct the asymmetry part of it. Im happy with the bridge size of my nose but it is still crooked from other doctor.I would like to see him to correct it but not sure if he will now?Help!

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Eery surgeon has a different policy. The only way to know for sure is to ask. Most of the plastic surgeons I know would be highly unlikely to become "re-involved".

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Revision Rhinoplasty requires a lot of experience, good judgment and talent. At some point there is only so much a surgeon can do to correct nasal appearance. Nevertheless, your original surgeon should be able to see you and give you an honest answer whether further correction is possible.

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