My PS Does Not Want Me to Do Self Massage Therapy on my Lift and Revised Implants, Why? (photo)

My PS does not want me to do self massage therapy on my lifted and revised implants. I am 5 weeks post op. What could be the reasoning?

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Breast massage after augmentation

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Breast massage after augmentation was though to reduce capsular contracture, however many surgeons don't find it helpful. We place our patients in a snug bra and upper band and have not recommended massage.

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Massage not usually helpful..

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Massage is a remnant of the days when plastic surgeons thought it would decrease the capsular contracture rate. It has not been shown to help with this and in fact can make the pocket too large causing implant malposition. In my opinion, not only does it not help, but it may hurt the final result. Good Luck!

Brian Klink, MD
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Massage for breast implants

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Implant massage has not been shown to decrease capsular contracture.  I used to have all my patients do it but several overdid it and moved their implats to the wrong position.  Consequently I am much less prone to have them do it.  Maybe your doctor feels the same way?

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