My PS Recommends a NIpple Graft from the Groin Area. Is This a Good Idea?

I have seen several different ways of making a nipple after reconstruction. They all involve using existing breast skin and a tattoo. Has any one done a nipple and areola made for a graft from the goin area? How painful was the graft area? How long did it take to heal? (graft and Goin) What are the risk/ adavantages of the different methods? Is there any pictures of this type of graft? Please help me on this issue.

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There are many ways to create a new nipple

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Reconstructing a nipple with a skin graft can be the best way if extra skin is needed to reduce flattening what should be the most projecting part of the breast. This technique has been around for a long time. Using tattoo to color the new areola and local flaps to make the nipple is a newer technique that is great in some cases but isn't appropriate for everyone. You're surgeon has to design a procedure that is best for your particular circumstance. We have all these different techniques and tools and choose those that we feel will give the most attractive and safest result. Skin graft donor sites are stitched up and heal in a week or two, as does the graft.

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