Can my PS Add 100 More Cc to my Implants?

I recently had a breast augmentation about 9.5 months ago. I am 23 years old, 5'6, 110lbs. I got 240 implants filled to 270. I am undergoing capsulorrhaphy surgery in a couple of months. I'm not happy with the size and want them bigger, so my ps told me he could add 100 more cc to my current implants and not to go with a bigger implant bc it could cause the same problems with falling off my chest when laying down. It it safe to add 100 more cc to an overfilled implant or should I change them out?

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Can my PS Add 100 More Cc to my Implants?

I am sure the surgeon can do that, but as sure that it is a bad idea. A 240 cc implant filled to 370 cc will become spherical, will have scalloped edges--multiple indentations that will be easily felt and possibly seen. If you want larger implants, get new ones filled within the manufacturers guidelines. 

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Each implants has specific max volume

You can not add 100 cc more to your current implants. The only reason with add 100cc to your current implants is to avoid paying for new set of implants. Please get second opinion..

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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