Does my Tattoo Removal Progress Look Good So Far? (photo)

I am currently undergoing tattoo removal on two star tattoos, located on my wrists. They are blue, pink and black. My doctor is using a Quanta Q-Plus Laser. I have read that light blues and pinks can be difficult to remove. I have had 4 treatments. The photos are 4 weeks after my 3rd treatment. Would you say mine look like they are responding well so far? Do you think I have a decent chance of these being removed? I want to have a realistic expectation. The dark pink is not responding much yet.

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Thank you for your question.  Yes, it is responding favorably.  It will take several more treatments to remove enough of it that you will be satisfied.  It will never be completely gone as there will always remain a slight shadow in the area but certainly, it will be not be obvious at a conversational distance. Patience is needed while this is being removed and ensure you stay out of the sun or keep it covered when you are.  Not only will it be more sensitive to burning but the clinic may not treat you if you present with a tan.  

Keep up the treatments!

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