Why Does my Post Op Nose Keep Changing Throughout the Day 9 Months Post-Op? Both Sides Look Different. (photo)

my nose looked great at first but 9 months postop my nose has changed and gone downhill.My septum is hanging low again and there is still a slight bump on the bridge.The nostrils are also too open on the sides.The bone also isnt straight and blocks my right nostril. Sometimes my nose feels hard, sometimes it feels squishy and I can move it around way too much.sometimes it looks bigger and sometimes smaller. there is also alot of scar tissue inside!! please give me your honest opinions.

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Asymmetry after rhinoplasty surgery

It is difficult for patients to analysis their nasal anatomy after rhinoplasty. The photo of the base of the nose shows a caudal septal deflection deviated into the patient's left nostril. This is the free edge of the septum and is made of cartilage. It is possible to temporarily create this septal deviation by the way the nasal tip is lifted or it may be a true deviation. The circled ridge on the left nasal side wall is the free edge or rim of the lower lateral cartilage. As the nose is lifted up, it too can become temporarily prominent or it may be present all the time.  I agree the nose is bottom heavy and the columella is too prominent, although it may be more due to loss of soft tissue support than the septum too long.

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Nose changes in first year

Swelling (both inside and outside of the nose) can persist for months and can fluctuate, especially in people with thicker skin.  Some of the things you see are not related to swelling (scar tissue, deviated septum, etc)

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Why Does my Post Op Nose Keep Changing Throughout the Day 9 Months Post-Op? Both Sides Look Different.

 This is pretty much the way the nose heals after a Rhinoplasty.  The changes throughout the day represent more or less swelling of the nasal tissues and indicates that your nose is not fully healed.  Once these differences stop...the nose is fully healed. 

 IMHO, you should never pull up or move your nose as much as it was in one of these photos.  That amount of force and pressure could possible tear or dissolve any internal permanent sutures placed during your Rhinoplasty that would lead to asymmetry and crookedness of the tip and lower nose over subsequent months and years.  

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