My Plastic Surgeon Told Me to Wear One of my Underwire Bras over the Gauze 4 Days Post Breast Reduction. Is This Okay?

It's been 6 days since my breast reduction. On the 4th or 3rd day, my plastic surgeon told me to bring one of my bras to wear over the gauze and he said an underwire bra would be acceptable too. Since all I wore in the first place were underwire bras, I was like "okay" and got him one. I heard that underwire bras shouldn't be worn RIGHT after the surgery. He doesn't want me to wear neither a compression nor a surgical bra. Should I start wearing sports bras instead, or should I just let it be?

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What kind of bras after breast reduction surgery

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I have found with my patients that an underwire bra right after surgery is very uncomfortable so I don't recommend them. However, if you find them comfortable, I see no problem wearing them. If they are comfortable except for the wire digging in, it is possible to remove the wire and still use the bra. I agree with your surgeon and don't recommend compression or surgical bras either for my patients. Surgical bras tend to be quite expensive and compression dressings can not only be uncomfortable but also flatten the breasts which may not be the most pleasing shape. I usually recommend that my patient use their old bras (which fit and are usually comfortable) right after surgery. They will get soiled and then can be thrown out (which you were going to do anyway). Once the drainage has stopped and the swelling has started to decrease, it's time to go out and get new ones. Enjoy your new size and shape!

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