My Plastic Surgeon Said my Muscles Are Too Tight?

I had a bi-lateral mastectomy 7/11/12 and a second surgery on right breast due to hematoma on 7/13/12. This decsion was prophilactic measure because I was at such high risk. I am currently 600cc's. I also developed mondors cord left breast. My question last visit he said I was extremely hard. He asked if I weight lifted...of course not! He stated he is not sure what to think about it. What does that mean? Is it normal for them to be rock solid?

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Hard Breast

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You probably ave early capsular contracture. Hematomas do accelerate the formation of capsular contracture.

You may also have incomplete release of the pectoralis muscle. In such cases a capsulectomy and use Acellular matrix may improve the breast look, feel and lessen the chance of capsular contracture.

Mondor's disease is superficial phlebitis of the breast and chest superficial veins and will resolve with time.

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Muscles too tight after mastectomy

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There are some details to your story that you did not reveal. Did you have an immediate reconstruction with silicone implants or did you have tissue expanders placed? Tissue expanders feel very hard and firm. That is normal. If you had implants placed and developed a hematoma then you are at risk to have a capsular contracture more so than a breast without a hematoma. That means the capsule that forms around everyones implants are hardened. That can be treated by removing the capsule and placing the implant back into the pocket. There are a host of other reasons why you could have firm breasts. Maybe the implant is too big for your pocket. Possibly the muscle was not released completely. All of these are possible reasons and many only your surgeon will know because they did the operation. Seek a second opinion if you are not happy with your current surgeon. Patients do it all the time. 


Hard breast after recosntruction

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You did not say if these are tissue expanders or had immediate implant placement.  It is difficult to say withour more information and of course a proper evaluation.  Mondor's cords usually resolve on their own.

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