My plastic surgeon is lying to avoid having to do a revision. Is there anything I can do?

I had forehead contouring done and he did not file the bone down all the way. There is a spot above each eye where the ridge can be seen protruding from my forehead. He is lying to me trying to say that it is all muscle. I do have a large forehead muscle, but the bone can be felt under the muscle, and that is what is creating most of the bumps. Is there something I can do like an x ray so that it's on paper? He can't lie to a picture of the bone. It was a $12,000 procedure so I am very upset.

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I am not sure why would you have the surgery with your surgeon if you do not trust his/her explanations. The forehead has lots of fine muscles at the brow ridge. and there are two nerves on either side of the forehead, where the shaving of the bone would be. .

If the nerve is coming out of the bone, then the surgeon can not shave the bone around the nerve, otherwise one can damage the nerve.

If one shaves too much bone then one may expose the frontal sinus, which is not the nicest thing to have. Surgeons have to work within the limitations of normal anatomy.

and hope not to do any harm to the patient.

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Contouring is complex

While not having photos of you or even knowing whether you are male or female, you should know that that forehead contouring is not without problems, as you are learning.  I do think it's reasonable to consider a CT scan to define the bony anatomy, something that many surgeons who do this kind of surgery will request (unfortunately, insurance is unlikely to cover the scan, so it can be quite costly).  The CT is helpful in guiding the surgeon define what kind of procedure is best (e.g. simply burring down the bone, or actually cutting the bone and re-positioning it).   Regardless, I would focus on what could be done next to make your situation better, rather than focusing on your disagreements with your surgeon.

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