Why Won't My Plastic Surgeon Address my Cellulitis or Fluid Pockets?

Is it time for a second opinion? My PS sees that I have cellulitis, multiple internal hematomas and said he hopes the incision would just split and drain. He said he did not want to "Mess with it" Gave him Ct Scan with report, said he did not need to see/read it as he knew what was going on in there. I went to ER twice with high fever, chills and big swelling. PS said it was odd for ER to give me IV antibiotics due to E coli positive culture? 6 weeks post op still tunnel and open wounds.

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Possible infection after an abdominoplasty

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Your situation does seem a bit unusual.  If you have an abscess then it must be opened and drained.  If you have redness of your lower abdomen, pain, fever and chills then an infection is possible.  You could have an abscess or collection of pus under the skin or it could be a cellulitis which is an infection in the lymphatic system of the skin.  The abscess needs to be drained, cellulitis is treated with antibiotics.  In any event if you have concerns seek another opinion.  

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Cellulitis and seromas?

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I am not sure what surgery you had, but in any event if you have fevers, chills, and fluid, it sounds like it needs to be drained.  Best to get second opinion.

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It's time for second opinion.

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Having heard only your side of the story I would be in favor of the second opinion based on the facts presented here. Fluid collections of significance their long-standing are best addressed by incision and drainage. Also there may be divide life tissue that needs to be removed.

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