My Periodontist Did Not Want to Rebuild the Molar's Bony Buccal Wall. Why?

Had a gum abscess. He did flap surgery and at that time decided to remove the tooth. It was solid in place. Maybe an extraction trauma occured and the wall plate broke? Of course, he could not place bone graft material in. Said, "I do not want to take your money to rebuild it". But, he did credit card charge me $450 extraction & $450 flap surgery, $95 consult, $25 one xray. Now left with #3 as my back upper right tooth. What do you make of all this? Appreciated.

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Bony Buccal Wall

Are you going to get an implant to replace the tooth that was extracted? If so, then you may need to get a bone graft in the area to rebuild the bone.

You can get a bone graft done after the extraction.

From your description I cannot tell which tooth was taken out. If it is the last tooth (2nd molar) then you might be okay without replacing it. 

You may want to go for a 2nd opinion to see what your option are.

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Not Sure

If this tooth that was removed occludes (bites against) the tooth above you are speaking of then you may want an implant. Ifthe buccal wall was damaged or was removed to take the tooth out then it can easily be replaced with a socket graft along with a membrane at the time of extraction.  It can be done at a lter time, but it is more successful and les complicated at the time of extraction. I would ask why he chose not to do this.  I would also ask why there is a charge for "Flap Surgery" if no graft was done.  The extraction fee covers the "flap" to remove the tooth.  " Flap surgery" is a separate entity used to help salvage a tooth with or without a bone graft.  Not sure why this was charged, I would ask

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Build buccal wall?

Sometimes we build the buccal wall at another appointment if the patient hasn't heard or understand all risk benefits and alternatives and cost, also it you don't replace the tooth within 6-12 months the graft will resorb. You should ask your periodontist rather than just surf the internet. If you not happy with his or her answer go from their. The real question is why did you need to have the tooth removed. Good Luck


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