3 months post op otoplasty. Very unhappy with my antihelix, Two different ears? Should I have a revision?

I had my surgery done about three months ago 2-7-14, i am very unhappy with my results. My Right ear unsuccessfully fold on Antihelix. I gave him a visit today 4-21-14 and he told me he would do another surgery but this time he will cut more from the back of my ear, i do not know if i should trust him again with my ears because it was a very painful surgery and recovery and he did not do a good job the first time, what should i do? please help. FYI:revision is at no cost.

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Seek a Second Opinion


I’m really sorry to hear about your experience. Before you have another procedure, why not get a second opinion for peace of mind? Choose a facial specialist for this who is board certified and can give you honest advice regarding your situation and your next step. I suggest bringing along a trusted friend or relative to this appointment and asking as many questions as possible. While a revision at no cost sounds enticing, it’s your body and you don’t want to risk any more pain or disappointment. I sincerely wish you the best!

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