What Are my Options with This Upturned Nose?

I have had rhinoplasty 10+ years ago but I never liked the results because I still have an upturned nose. How difficult would it be to correct this? Is it possible to correct this without a major revision surgery? How long would I have to miss work? Thank you

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Upturned noses from rhinoplasty can be fixed

A common reason people seek revision rhinoplasty is for upturned, or in the medical vernacular, over-rotated noses. In order to lengthen your nose, grafts using your own cartilage are used. The source for the grafts depends on how many are needed, what's available following prior surgery and your surgeon's preference.

This may require a "major revision" but most patients are happy with the results. Discuss your goals with a revision rhinoplasty specialist.

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Fixing upturned nose after prior rhinoplasty

It's hard to give much guidance without seeing your nose, but revision rhinoplasty can be use to improve this appearance. Surgery normally requires cartilage grafting to stabilize the nose in its proper position.

Most people take about 7-10 days off work after this type of surgery.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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Revision surgery for upturned nose



The appearance of upturned nose after primary rhinoplasty typically is caused by removing too much cartilage. In most cases, revision Rhinoplasty for this condition requires some cartilage grafting. In my practice I get predictable results correcting this deformity, but it is not a simple procedure. Make sure that you seek out an experienced surgeon that’s skilled and experienced with these type of procedures.

Boris M. Ackerman, MD
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Revision of Over-Rotated Nose

It is impossible to answer your question without pictures. The revision can be as simple as just repositioning the tip or as difficult as having to place cartilage grafts to increase the nasal length. Go to my website for instructions on what pictures to submit for nasal evaluation and then send them to us. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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What Are my Options with This Upturned Nose?

 Aesthetically speaking there are several options for fixing an over-roatted nasal tip but which one is appropriate in your particular case depends on the appearance of your nose.  Photos would help in the evaluation for Revision Rhinoplasty.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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