What Are my Options if I'm Not Satisfied with Results of my Chin Reduction?

A year-and-a-half ago i was in a horrible auto accident that fractured my lower mandible in several places. A large metal plate was inserted along the bone, but the bone healed in a way that dramatically distorted my face by leaving my jaw longer and my chin longer and wider where i previously had a small, delicate and narrow chin. I had a subsequent submental chin reduction and the results aren't what i'd hoped for. I just want to be restored to my pre-accident face. What are my options?

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Chin Surgery Revision

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Thank you for your question. You could see a maxillofacial specialist at a university level site for another opinion.  They may have other options to consider, or say that you have as much benefit from correction as is practical.  You need to consider all options and advice. I hope this helps.

Options for Revision of Chin Reduction/Chin Reshaping

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It would be first necessary to see some pictures (both before and after surgery) to see exactly what the chin change has been. It would also be necessary to know what exactly was done in your chin reduction surgery. (review operative note) There are numerous options for bone and soft tissue remodeling but first I would have to see what the anatomy of your chin shape now is.

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