What Are my Options Aside from Dermal Fillers? Ultherapy? Mini-Facelift? Fat Transfer? (photo)

Hi, I'm 26 years old and my face has been rapidly drooping, esp. in the cheeks, due to a bad reaction to Rogaine (see review for before pics) with rapid weight loss. I've only recently been exercising and eating enough after a bout of fatigue, but not sure if that will help alone. I don't like fillers and was wondering if there are other options that could help lift my face back to it's original state without too much risk? Could ultherapy or other methods get it back to it's original tightness?

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Drooping Face From Rogaine - Not Likely

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I must admit I do not think your face is drooping, and if it is, I doubt it is from a bad reaction to Rogaine. I see good tightness in your cheek and along the jawline and would not recommend any treatments for you. 

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